We use data analysis to optimize for maximum growth.


You probably have a minority of high-value clients that contribute to most of your revenue. There also exists, in the market, an ocean of these ideal customers waiting for your solutions. We make data-driven decisions to help you capitalize on this.


Which of your products or services are producing the greatest profits? Is there a certain geographical area that’s most receptive? Or maybe a certain distribution channel is giving you that extra edge? We use this data and more to help you scale.


Do you feel that your time, energy and money is being spent on the wrong things? From low impact activities to high customer acquisition costs to dealing with clients that are negatively impacting your progress, things can get messy. We help you change this by focusing on high-impact areas.

Cash Flow Management

Having an abundantly healthy cash flow determines the future survival of your business. What are late payments and low-value inventory costing you? How much does your company need every month to stay operational? By optimizing billing processes, customer relations and growth strategies, we move your business to a position to thrive.